EvdWL on canceling E3 and Super Mario Movie & The Last of Us on PC

EvdWL on canceling E3 and Super Mario Movie & The Last of Us on PC

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Tomorrow is April 1st. The day when we will be saddled with silly jokes. Today we’re just keeping it serious. How well that will work at least on opening the first beer on Friday. Anyway, Huey, Jelle, and Koos are in a good mood and ready to present a dazzling new edition of End of the Week Live. Unfortunately, one with a light gray edge, because Thursday night it was announced that this year’s E3 had been cancelled. Something we were really dreading last week, as many parties pulled out. So no road trip. But what then? The Three Gentlemen will speak of it at length. You can watch and hear about this and many other conversation topics on this episode of EvdWL.

E3 is off, long live E3?

But there is more than just E3. The Super Mario Bros Movie premiere is fast approaching. And we have free tickets that we give away through our social media channels. What do we expect from the movie? And how do we view the somewhat chaotic release of The Last of Us for PC, the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and the new Dragon Age? More than enough conversation material for an hour and a half of game-related chatter.

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