Watch the €2.1 million Ferrari Daytona SP3 launch

Watch the €2.1 million Ferrari Daytona SP3 launch

The owner of this Ferrari Daytona SP3 isn’t afraid of stone chips, as evidenced by the way he flaunts his €2.1 million supercar.

Brits know how to love cars was proven again this month at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. You can watch the video we made during the motorsports scene here. Only interested in roaring motors? Then here we have another batch of the best sounding cars that raced up the hill.

Thunderbolt Farms

This Ferrari Daytona SP3 would have been among them. With its naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine that can rev up to 9,500 rpm, it’s the goosebumps for car enthusiasts. None, turbos, superchargers or electric motors power this twelve-cylinder and it still produces 840 horsepower. hats off.

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This partly explains the exorbitant Dutch price of over €2,106,000. Much of this goes directly to the tax authorities under the name bpm.

With a Ferrari Daytona SP3 across the grass

The car is based on the LaFerrari and only 599 units will be built. Reason enough to handle the Daytona SP3 with care, right? Well, not to this Brit. He’s not afraid to kick his red pedigree tail.

Not only does he let the Ferrari Daytona SP3’s rear wheels smoke heavily a few times, he also decides to throw his expensive Italian car around in the lawn. The Ferrari owner doesn’t seem to be afraid of stone chips. “The most expensive lawn mower in the world,” someone jokes under the video.

directly with Ferrari

Autovisie also has the necessary expertise in tossing sideways expensive Ferraris. Remember the test drive with the Ferrari Purosangue? If you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari yourself, you’re in luck. Not every Italian supercar is very expensive. Read here how much the cheapest used Ferrari in the Netherlands costs.

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