NPO breathes new life into So You Think You Can Dance with Project Dance

NPO breathes new life into So You Think You Can Dance with Project Dance

in dance project Participants compete to become the best all-around dancer in the Netherlands. The program guides participants through different dance moves: from ballroom to hip-hop, ballroom to ballet and everything in between.

This looks very familiar. RTL 5 has had the software for years If you think you can dance Broadcast, where the jury – including Dan Karaty, Jan Koegman and Evgenia Barakina – is looking for this dance talent. candidates dance project They are taught each week by a guest teacher about the origins and background of a particular dance. In addition, they have to perform an art task and a group task in the style of the week’s dance. The jury votes on someone for the house each episode.

Candidates have their own backpack. Some are already on stage occasionally, but now they want to devote their entire lives to it. Some start dance training but never finish it because their lives take a different turn. The others did not dare to take it seriously. But now the dream time is over and they are taking matters into their own hands.

NTR, the broadcaster broadcasting the show, says this is a serious dance competition from the makers Rembrandt Project – Another NPO talent show, but for animators.

When the program can be seen has not been announced yet.

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