Waste management also deals with the bloated playing field

Afvalbeheer pakt ook tropical speeltuin aan

Waste management also deals with tropical playgrounds
Photo (C) Ministry of Public Works | Edit Waterkant.Net

The Tropical Stadium and Desi Samson Sports Center, located on the corner of Zapatata Street and Anwar Sada Street in the Tamenga Resort, is currently being mowed and cleaned by the Waste Management Department of the General Directorate of Waste and Waste Management (OGA).

The initiator, who is also deputy director Jason Gommels of Waste Management, made the decision because the stadium and athletic field have been in a bloated situation for some time. Local residents also appealed to the deputy director to address the problem. Children cannot under any circumstances use the playground and sports field.

During the mowing work, a lot of rubbish was found such as beer cans and PET bottles. Vice President Jason Gommels noted that the playground and sports field will now be permanently maintained, so that children in the area can relax in their own way.

Clark will assist the local resident who manages the site with the cleanup. The community is invited to contribute so that playground equipment can be reused. “The playground is not intended for alcohol consumption, so these offenders have been warned to refrain from this behavior and to keep the children’s playground clean,” Deputy Principal Gomels said.

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