Warriors’ Klay Thompson toasts Steph Curry after a wild timeout error

Warriors' Klay Thompson toasts Steph Curry after a wild timeout error

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Klay Thompson and the Warriors survived a Steve Curry timeout error on Sunday.

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All jokes as long as you win. Steve Curry’s epic timeout error nearly awarded Game 4 to the Kings on Sunday afternoon, but the Dubs survived, 126-125, to tie the series. Steve Kerr graciously said that Curry calling a timeout with nothing was “100% my fault,” but that didn’t save Curry from the bland rib from his teammates.

“Steph ‘C-Webb’ Curry” yelled Klay Thompson as he walked down the tunnel after the narrow win. The footage can be seen on the NBA’s Instagram.

Thompson points to one of the worst fouls in basketball history, which was top of mind for everyone watching on Sunday. In the 1993 NCAA Final Four, former Warrior and King Chris Webber called time out with Michigan down by two points heading into a potential final possession. With no timeouts remaining, Michigan was called to technically hand North Carolina the game.

Curry was lucky to avoid a similar fate on Sunday. With 40 seconds remaining in Warriors 5, Curry cornered and called a fake timeout. De’Aaron Fox’s technical and subsequent free throw gave the Kings a chance to win, but Harrison Barnes’ 3-pointer missed the century.

“He took the blame for it, but I’m not going to lie: I thought it was the smartest play in the world,” Curry said after winningAccording to ESPN. “I looked at the bench, and everyone was just shaking their heads. It was an unfortunate situation.”

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