VPRO not afraid of Maurice de Hond’s actions against the Deventer Media makers case | to watch

VPRO not afraid of Maurice de Hond's actions against the Deventer Media makers case |  to watch

Pollster and publicist Maurice de Hond suggested Tuesday that he is preparing substantive action against the creator of the podcast series De Deventer Mediazaak. According to him, the podcast about the Deventer murder case, which revolves around the murder of widow Wittenberg in 1999, is illegal. De Hond believes his “honour and good name have been damaged”.

The Deventer Media Case analyzes the fascinating dynamics in the media surrounding the Deventer murder case. The court found “bookkeeper” Ernest Louise guilty of murder, and he was imprisoned for eight years. But according to de Hond, the culprit was not him, but someone else, the man who would be known as a “handyman” (which he wasn’t). The podcast, which has now been listened to over 1.5 million times, describes how eagerly the media picked it up at the time.

De Hond believes that the maker of Annegriet Wietsma is “one sided pictureAbout his involvement in the Deventer murder case. In the podcast series, she omitted very basic information, which she clearly had that, in the research, is neither too critical of the interviewees nor combating demonstrable omissions by the interviewees. All this with the goal of portraying Maurice de Hoon negatively as the man who ruined the life of a “handyman” forever.

With proceedings on the merits, De Hond wants to “state” that the manufacturer has acted illegally. In 2007, De Hond was convicted of defamation for paying compensation to a “handyman” and his girlfriend. It was also decided that De Hond could no longer connect the two with the death of widow Wittenberg.

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