Nikkei: Apple Watch Series 7 production halted due to manufacturing issues – tablets and phones – news

Apple Watch Series 7 production is temporarily discontinued. This writes Nikki. The new, more complex design is said to pose quality issues in production. It is currently unclear when production will resume.

According to sources working with journalists from Nikki Speaking, all manufacturers that produce Series 7 face quality problems. This may be due to the new design, which is very different from previous models and is also more complex. Sources suggest that the Series 7 should have more components in a case the same size as previous models, while the smartwatch should also be water-resistant. All this would complicate production.

“Apple and its suppliers are currently working around the clock to address these issues,” said one of the sources. “At the moment we cannot say when mass production will start.”

According to rumors, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a better device, with thinner screen bezels and an improved ultra-wide chip. The watch will also have flat bezels and a little bigger from previous models. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman, there will be no blood sugar sensor in the Series 7. This technology will do According to Gorman Not yet ready for commercial release.

Apple has not yet planned an event, but the date of September 14 has been mentioned as the likely day when a presentation will be given. The Apple Watch Series 7 is likely to be launched in the second half of this year.

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