Vodafone takes you out of your nose with its 5G fragrance

Vodafone takes you out of your nose with its 5G fragrance

For those who do not have good network coverage, there is now a Vodafone 5G Solitaire in Germany. The provider hopes the marketing campaign will spread the “magic of real-life experiences and powerful signals.”

In the case of the fifth generation, Vodafone says that these are slightly stimulating anise oil and sultanas extract, spices of white pepper with various floral extracts, the sparkling sweetness of Indian calamus, the freshness of English rhubarb and honey. A hint of French lilies. The whole fragrance is complemented by spicy frankincense resin at the base of the fragrance.

Using perfume is nothing new. Deutsche Telekom launched its Magenta fragrance five years ago. Apple also did something about developing a scented candle called ‘New Mac’. The company had hoped to mimic the scent of a freshly assembled Mac.


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