Removal of the breathing tube from the body after 30 years (!) | Abroad

Removal of the breathing tube from the body after 30 years (!) |  Abroad

Rene Rimache, 39, was only released from the tube three years ago, thirty years after it was inserted…and left behind, according to the New York Post.

In 1989, six-year-old Renee fell out of a window and was taken to El Mahrst Hospital with a fracture of the base of the skull. According to the medical file, the breathing tube that was inserted into the boy caused a lot of discomfort. Rene even pulled the tube once, according to old documents. According to Rainey and his attorney, he must have swallowed the tube and the doctors never noticed it.

In the years that followed, Remash experienced unexplained abdominal pain, but the cause was never found, not even by doctors at Elmhurst, where he was being treated. The misery continued until Remash got so bad in Mexico in 2019 that he reported to doctors there. Remash was having trouble breathing and was sent home with a diagnosis of bronchitis and a pack of antibiotics.

A CAT scan in New York eventually found the culprit. The tube was removed at another hospital. It now serves as a document A in a lawsuit against Elmhurst Hospital. This refuses to settle and says that the tube removed is a different type than the tube that was put in Remache in 1989. Remache will not know until after the summer if this is the case and if there will be compensation. The trial date has been set for October 11.

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