violently? I think Sinterklaas news is a matter of taming this year | Angela is watching TV

violently?  I think Sinterklaas news is a matter of taming this year |  Angela is watching TV
  • J. Diepeveen

    12 minutes ago

    Wolves eat goats…no father you hear. Witches who lock up children…no problem. Halloween with bloody scenes…so cool! But oh this Santa Claus boat…..

  • Rick Coaster

    13 minutes ago

    I am standing in front of a kindergarten, and fortunately my children’s tender souls were not harmed by the sinking of the parcel boat. They come up with enough solutions, buy a new boat, build a new boat, grab everything on OzoSnel and start running. Fortunately, they are not yet harmed by today’s society and can still think for themselves. Greetings Mr. Rick

  • sack van hatom

    28 minutes ago

    Great column Angela, I totally agree with him. Little cowards are not born, they are made and then have children too. These kids aren’t really that fast. My youngest 6-year-old grandson looked at him and said, “Grandpa that’s not quite right, but it’s cute all those wet pets.”

  • Marcel Brockenck

    33 minutes ago

    I wish there was some exciting news from Sinterklaas in the ’70s/80s! As for Angela, a nail on his head!! Adults under 35 often (not always!) have wet mops! Apply for a job, and cut after one month because they find it too difficult, too boring, or too stressful. Or you want the employer to comply with their working hours. I say: golden times for those over the fifties. Who knows what business is, is loyal and does not get nervous about every mistake

  • Emka Smith

    38 minutes ago

    This proves once again that it is a spoiled generation. Parents today must strengthen children. Useful in today’s society .. When they grow up they can not be exposed to any setbacks. Geely got kicked in the ass, and it didn’t make us worse, it made us stronger.

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