The House official resigns from his position due to the investigation of former President Aribe

After Oraib, please pay attention now to the room staff

Writer Simon Ross – the usual face of the House Speaker for years – announced this in a written statement. According to the Registrar, “It is no longer possible as an employer to provide a safe working environment.”

unsafe culture

The senior official stated that the investigation with the former head of the chamber, Khadija Arib, had become political. As a result, employee safety protections faded into the background. And they blame the House political leadership, including current House Speaker Vera Bergkamp, ​​for that.

“We classify culture in the House as often unsafe and therefore unhealthy,” the five members of the management team wrote in an email to House staff.

According to political reporter Frits Wester, never before has the entire summit resigned, as the House administration says, out of dissatisfaction.

angry arab

Former House Speaker Arib resigned last month. Allegations that led to an investigation into her work as Speaker of the House of Representatives and the anonymous accusations associated with her were the reason for her departure. She points out that she was subjected to these anonymous accusations as “stabs.”

Oraib blamed the House Executive Committee for not informing it in advance that the state attorney was summoned for investigation. The investigation has been harshly criticized because several parties believe the investigation should never have started.

They are also critical of the way research is being conducted.

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