Violence continues in Caracas and armed conflict escalates: Six killed, one child injured

Neighbors of Kota 905 came out to protest against the armed conflict in Caracas

To The second day in a row Armed clashes between criminal gangs and Venezuelan security forces have already at least gone away. Six people died. Despite the danger of walking the streets of Caracas, Today, residents in the vicinity of Kota 905 rallied with a long-armed metal pot to demand an end to hostilities.

Various videos posted on social networks They march dozens of people through the streets and smash into tanks. In one of them, a child with a head injury can be seen carrying three people. Minor’s health is currently unknown.

Neighbors help one injured person

“Shoot the buildings! We are the underworld!”: Maria, cornered in the last room of her house, asks the armed criminals about terrorism They have been shooting from the top of the mountain for several hours in the vicinity of Caracas.

Venezuelan police were suspended this Thursday Excellent functional In different neighborhoods Caracas Against Armed gangs Started Wednesday afternoon Shooting towards indefinite targets can be an obstacle to the movement of citizens.

Crime gang kills young man riding motorcycle towards Kota 905: Sixth victim since clashes began
Crime gang kills young man riding motorcycle towards Kota 905: Sixth victim since clashes began

“These are out of hand”He told the company AFP A police officer based in El Parazzo, where the National Guard’s General Command is located, is a military organization responsible for public order.

Another agent said the perpetrators were “armed with modern weapons.” Wait for the “green light” to “clean all this up at once”.

Despite the lack of official information, a large number of videos have been circulating on social media since yesterday Watch and listen to the continuous bursts of gunfire Without knowing the reasons for the onset of the conflict.

Almost parallel to the beginning of the scenes, Nicolas Maduro led an operation in which he renewed military leadership.

Dozens of people are demanding an end to the armed conflict in Caracas

However, neither the dictator nor the security forces have commented on the situation until this Thursday., Despite fears that many citizens will return to their homes or go to work in the area.

In his message today, the Home Minister, Carmen Melandes, State Security Agency “I will not rest until complete control is restored“Existing areas”Structured organized crime groups”, And asked people to avoid wandering around these neighborhoods.

“The call must be secure, quiet and trust our state security agencies, Ignoring misinformation and rumors as citizens are part of the aggression against the peace, ”the minister added, not providing information on victims or damages.

Shortly before Melandes’ announcement, the interim president Juan Quito questioned the lack of government in these areas, and warned that Caracas was “a war zone” at this time.

Caracas was maintained by Juan Quito "A war zone"
Juan Quito argued that Caracas was “a war zone.”

“Today Caracas rises again as a war zone, counting the wounded and the dead, with the fear that our people will leave their homes as a result of the unpunished action of the armed gangs.”, He pointed out on his social networks.

The opposition leader also questioned the actions of the armed forces in the face of the already violent situation. Months Some parts of Caracas are more severely affected some days than others: “Will the armed forces continue to march or demonstrate or will they continue to play a similar role? Will it continue to hand over territory to protect criminals or will it exercise its sovereignty and enforce the constitution?”

Human rights activist NGO Prova called for “no more bullets” in areas affected by the violence in Caracas: “It is enough to live under terrorism, where the wrong bullets kill the lives of innocent people.”

Since Wednesday afternoon, the images have been circulating on social networks People are hiding Some of the streets are littered with bullets, as well as a series of vehicles stuck in the subway of the city’s main highway, the Gran Kesik Quigipuro.

A woman was injured in clashes in Caracas

You can also find members of those gangs Disrupts traffic in commercial areas In the field of El Cementerio, such as Caesar Rengifo Boulevard located in Santa Rosalia and forcing citizens to leave.

Witnesses described it In addition to drones, a large number of weapons are attached by grenades Bands may have a broader view of the areas they control. “They can see everything from above.”

“They’re shooting apartments.”, He said AFP Maria, as you were asked to call In fear of revenge from these armed gangs It runs on Kota 905, which is a mountainous area where you can see small walls built of sandbags, used in armed conflicts.

In fact, Maria said it is common to see armed youths near her home. “I see them every day … they always walk down the street with long arms.”, He described as the roar of bullets penetrated his silence.

When he was safe in his home, the Venezuelan woman said she could clearly hear signs of “thugs” shouting at each other – as the perpetrators are popularly known – pointing to the security agents they contained. They refer to those who wear uniforms as “witches”. “Witches, witches! I’m going to drop the bombs, because (partner), we’re going to drop the bombs., He is asked in the audio he was able to record through his cell phone.

As soon as the situation calms down, Maria and her family plan to take refuge in a relative’s house on the outskirts of Caracas, preventing many from leaving or returning to their homes. “Can’t move at this time.”

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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