The boat with 15 Hondurans on board is missing

Rotten, Honduras.

A boat with 15 Hondurans on board Lost Caribbean Sea In the last hour of his departure Rotten (Bay Islands) First Kingston, Capital de Jamaica, Report Honorary Merchant Navy.

Can read: A national public transport strike has been announced in Honduras starting Monday

According to the report, the Falling Star and all of its crew were Honduran, Stopped sending data Place before 20 hours.

Later, Honduran authorities activated alarms when they stopped receiving information regarding the location of the ship. It was not received Radio communication And attempts to join the team are always futile.

Information from Rotten, Insular area Honduras, Missing citizens: Sergio Green Castro (capt), Domingo Perry Chuvaso, Tilson Chuvaso Garcia, Gerardo Martinez Green, Jose Vector Castillo and Dayton Rodriguez Martinez.

They are joined by Gerardo Alvarez Castillo, Jose Castro Alvarez, Edson Castillo Greene, Jose Chuvaso Magia, Claudio Green Castro, Henri Morales Green, Linidas Alvarez Martinez, Lander Nice Areola and Vector Castillo Mauricio.

What else: Recover 12 costaways near Rotten

Officers Honduras They elaborated on what they had Warning Fishing boats, Coast Guard Jamaica and Americans One to open Search Boat with Honduran flag.

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