Vikings-Commanders has many layers of plot, both on and off the field

Minnesota Vikings v Washington Redskins

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With eight games early Sunday, the Vikings at Commanders don’t really stand out. Maybe it should.

The match between 6-1 Minnesota and 4-4 Washington has plenty of intrigue both on and off the field.

Most obviously, the former Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins He’s returning to FedEx Field for the first time since joining the Vikings as a free agent in 2018. Cousins ​​beat his old team in one previous meeting, Thursday night three years ago at U.S. Bank Stadium. Now, it returns to the place where it was made.”You like it!Peter Brady time for change catch phrase.

But Cousins ​​aren’t the only players who cross paths with a former team. The beginning of the current leaders Taylor Hynek He was a member of the Minnesota List in 2016. But for”strange accidentwho cut a tendon over his left ankle in July of that year, was probably the quarterback the Vikings turned to after Teddy Bridgewater He suffered a ruptured ACL in late August, and no contact.

Also, Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell spent three years as an assistant in Washington, the longest he spent with any NFL team as a player or coach. Vikings offensive coordinator Wes Phillips (son of Wade and grandson of Boom) spent five years in the capital, as a tight coach.

Then there is the captains’ defensive coordinator Jacques del Rio, who has been in charge of a few Dust ups As a midfielder for Minnesota from 1992 until 1995.

Off the field, the Snyder factor dominates. On Wednesday, the leaders’ current ownership announced that the team is on the market. It aroused unrestrained jubilation from the masses. This could result in more captains fans than SKOLsters on Sunday. It can lead to the spread of targeted messages regarding the future of the franchise.

Two weeks ago, FedEx Field workers supposedly informed fans about it Get rid of “Team Sale” banners. But Snyder’s followers cannot silence the voices. Wednesday’s news is friendship in the water for a fan base known for its new ownership.

So yeah, things can get a lot of fun today as the Vikings try to push their record to an unimaginable 7-1, and the leaders try to get past 0.500 after just nine games. No matter what happens on the field, what happens in the stands can be more compelling.

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