Viewers were touched by the “brave kids” in Not to Get Small

Viewers were touched by the "brave kids" in Not to Get Small

Follows Paul Luuk, Emelie, Tibbe, Myrthe and Quentin on his brand new show. They all have one thing in common: They are seriously ill. For example, 10-year-old Emily has just been told she has a brain tumor. However, she did not want to think about death. Along with her twin sister, she just wants to focus on the positive things. “We’ll even laugh at the argument.”

10-year-old Quentin is also in the middle of a heavy chemotherapy process. When Paul visits him in the hospital, it turns out that the treatment is so intense that he is unable to talk to him. A few days later, Quentin was able to tell his story on camera. “I woke up fine. I feel good. I am.” Single. Mothers gone. My parents are divorced. I have cancer. Life really couldn’t get better. I’m really at my peak,” he said slightly sarcastically.

In addition to their illness, there is one thing all children have in common: they are – despite their fear – very positive about it. This brings viewers to tears. “Little kids with cancer, but fighting with it,” one wrote on Twitter. “God damn those kids… what heroes!” This person also describes the children as “brave”: “But life is unfair sometimes.”

Viewers also liked Paul Di Leo. According to them, he is the perfect presenter for this animated program. “How well does Paul do this?” Someone else writes: “Nice program by Paul de Leeuw.” According to this viewer, the kids sure live up to the show’s name: “They sure aren’t young!” Top hats!

click here to watch the episode.

In front of the RTL Boulevard camera, Paul has already spoken about this program.

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