Viewers confused after the first episode of Ewout: ‘It should be banned’

Viewers confused after the first episode of Ewout: 'It should be banned'

Ewott believes that young women in particular are undergoing plastic surgery under the pressure of social media. The program presenter monitors the iMed organization for a week, is an intermediary between the doctor and the patient who, in addition to personally directing the patient to the operating room, also arranges the hotel and transportation.

These women are increasingly traveling to Turkey to undergo cosmetic surgeries at competitive prices. Also twenty-year-old Dania, who came there for a brazilian butt lift, or buttock augmentation. What surprised me was that Dania had to pay cash on the spot and sign a whole stack of papers.

There are significant risks to the procedure and things can go wrong, but that doesn’t stop her from undergoing a risky procedure.

Because of the special course of events and shocking images, many viewers did not have a good word about the organization. For example, someone wrote: “In one word: terrible.”

One viewer even found the images so severe that she thought these types of programs should stop broadcasting: “I think these types of programs should be banned. It made me sick. To all the little girls: You are beautiful the way you are. Someone else reminds people to be happy with your body: “I’m so happy with bacon and love handles! This is what I have to do.

You can read more comments below.

Yesterday’s episode is Here to see again. iout It is broadcast every Monday evening at 8.30 pm on RTL 5.

On his other show, Ewout also regularly researches the dark sides on various topics, such as the Videoland series Youth Clinic: When you don’t work anymore.

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