Large crowds on site to get free train tickets for young people

Large crowds on site to get free train tickets for young people

60,000 young people will be allowed to travel by train across Europe for free next year. Registration for the so-called EU DiscoverEU procedure began at 12 noon and will continue for two weeks. You can participate if you are an EU citizen born between 1 July 2001 and 1 January 2004.

To participate, you must meet some conditions. “Participants must answer five multiple-choice questions about the European Union and specifically about EU youth initiatives. In addition, there is a watershed question.”

The spokesperson said the applications are arranged based on nationality and on the basis of answers to the test and additional question. If – given the number of cards available – there are too many equally rated people, then it applies: first come, first served.

Search term “free train”

So many young people dared to do it today, that Location I got stuck. It is now available again. There was also great interest in the Netherlands. Search terms like “free train” and “free train Europe” peaked on Google at 12pm

If you’re one of the lucky few, from March next year you can use your free train ticket for up to thirty days “to broaden your horizons and meet other Europeans,” the EU reports.

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