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In the past two months, video card prices have continued to drop, but not as much as they used to. Most of the cards were cheaper between €20 and €60, with the RTX 4090 as a notable exception. Newly released models are also below the suggested retail price.

Where we saw some video cards drop prices by more than a hundred euros between March and May this year, the price drops have been more limited since then. This is evident from the data from Tweakers Pricewatch. In absolute terms, AMD’s RX 7900 XT and XTX were the biggest declines in the past two months. Both are 60 euros cheaper than in May.

Remarkably, the latest cards, such as the RTX 4060 (Ti) from Nvidia and the RX 7600 from AMD, are also available for dozens less than the suggested retail price. In the case of the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB, introduced last week, the price has already been reduced by twenty euros in seven days.

A single card price movement is completely against the trend. At the time of writing, I’ve lost €70 more on the RTX 4090 than I lost two months ago. However, this card is still €280 cheaper than the price Nvidia mentioned up front. These markdowns can be seen on all of the high-end Radeon and GeForce cards, but the RX 7900 XT and RTX 4080 have dropped by far since their release, down 22 and 20 percent, respectively.

Where Nvidia has now brought out a significant portion of its RTX 40 line, AMD still has a huge gap in its offering. AMD does not yet sell RX 7000 cards between 300 and 800 euros, while Nvidia now offers no less than five different models in this bandwidth. AMD reportedly plans to introduce intermediate models in the RX 7700 and RX 7800 series at gamescom trade show. This will take place at the end of August, which should be followed by availability in September.

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video card price at launch Lowest price The difference from the suggested retail price The difference is from May 17th
May 17th July 25th in €/% in €/%
RX 7900XTX 1159 euros 1049 euros 989 euros -170€ / -15% -60 / -6%
RX7900XT 1049 euros 879 euros 819 euros -230€ / -22% -60 euros / -7%
RX7600 299 euros Unavailable 289 euros -10 euro / -3% Unavailable
RTX 4090 1949 euros 1,599 euros 1669 euros -280€ / -14% 70 euro / 4%
RTX 4080 1469 euros 1199 euros 1179 euros -290€ / -20% -20€ / -2%
RTX 4070 Ti 910 euros 849 euros 799 euros -111 euros / -12% -50 / -6%
RTX 4070 669 euros 609 euros 589 euros -80€ / -12% -20 euro / -3%
RTX 4060Ti 16 GB 559 euros Unavailable 539 euros -20€ / -4% Unavailable
RTX 4060Ti 8 GB 449 euros Unavailable 424 euros -25 euros / -6% Unavailable
RTX 4060 329 euros Unavailable 319 euros -10 euro / -3% Unavailable

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