This is what you should pay attention to when you go on holiday to Southern Europe | Now go on

This is what you should pay attention to when you go on holiday to Southern Europe |  Now go on

Coming home from your holiday address: This is happening to the Dutch in southern Europe right now. spoke to the experts about what you can do and what you’re entitled to if your week at the beach is cut short.

Overseas assistance

It is also important that it relates to an event that was not expected at the time of closing. “You can’t lock in an existing problem,” Knopperts explains. “That would be like insuring your house on fire.”

With travel insurance alone, you will not be reimbursed for these costs, but you can claim assistance abroad. You can consider emergency care, but you can also consider reimbursement for leftover baggage.

Northern Rhodes still flies and the country has a yellow code. For many insurance companies, this is not a valid reason to cancel.

Joyce Donut, Consumers Association

You can always call your travel insurance company’s emergency center. “It’s open 24 hours a day to answer questions. If you’re not sure what to do, they can help. And maybe put you in touch with organizations that can help,” says Neuberts.

There is no reason to cancel

Marlow Oldenhoff of Centraal Beheer confirms this. “If a person who has travel insurance with Centraal Beheer has their holiday unexpectedly cut short, they are entitled to assistance from Eurocross.”

Are you still going to Rhodes, are you insured and would you rather not? Then cancellation insurance does not always guarantee your money back. “Wildfires are happening in a small part of the island. Northern Rhodes is still flying and the country is code yellow. This is not a valid reason for many insurance companies to cancel,” says Donat.

Feeling anxious is not enough

With many insurance companies, you have the option to select the “natural disaster” option when getting cancellation insurance, Ofer says.

“Then there must be serious safety or health risks involved. If you become concerned while you’re in a different part of the island or you’d rather not go, that’s not a valid reason to cancel.”

It becomes a different story if your hotel is no longer accessible or is on fire. “Then it’s best to call the property,” says Donat. “They can no longer provide the service they agreed to with you.”

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