Victoria Beckham’s daughter is disgusted by the Spice Girls’ looks: ‘Too naked and too short’

Victoria Beckham's daughter is disgusted by the Spice Girls' looks: 'Too naked and too short'

Both Harper and ten-year-old David Beckham find the outfits that Victoria used to be too bold. According to Victoria, Harper likes a more modest style anyway. “She’s not the type of girl who wants to go out with a lot of makeup in a short shirt,” Victoria said.

Recently, Posh Spice heard the hard truth from Harper. “She told me, ‘I saw some pictures of you when you were still in the Spice Girls and your skirts were really bad. They were too short.'”

Then Victoria asked her daughter if she would not wear such skirts. “She said she wouldn’t do it at all,” Victoria said. “we will see.”

As a mother, Victoria sometimes worries about how Harper is going to develop, especially with the idealized image that basically reigns on social media. “Harper isn’t on social media yet, so we’re not worried about that just yet. When you see how tough people are, I sometimes get worried about it.”

“Harper is from the era when her body began to change,” Victoria continues. “It is important for us to help her as a family and to have good friends around her.” However, it scares Victoria. “I can’t lie about that.”

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