Victor Meads blindly guesses what makeup Nikki de Jagger will wear: ‘I can cry’ | to watch

Victor Meads blindly guesses what makeup Nikki de Jagger will wear: 'I can cry' |  to watch

VideoLast night, more than 1.3 million viewers saw how YouTube star Nikki de Jagger, 27, got chills to the bone thanks to Victor Meads’ tricks. Mindf * ck. Especially in his last trick, when the scammer correctly predicted what makeup she would put on herself, she backed down hard. “This is the strangest and most wonderful thing I have ever enjoyed doing.”

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Especially for De Jager, known internationally as NikkieTutorials, Mids crawled in front of the webcam as “VikkieTutorials”. Nikki was in a different position for the camera and Victor had to blow up a balloon and hold it in her hands. ‘Vikkie’ pulled out a needle, stabbed into the camera and sure enough: he blew the Nikkie balloon. And that was just the beginning.

Nikkie was instructed to pick a card from the deck and sign it. Then she had to shuffle the cards and spread them to her laptop. Victor not only guessed which card she chose, but also took it out of the game through the camera, because suddenly he had it in his hand, including Nikki’s signature.

She was speechless, especially because she secretly believed that the celebrities in Mindf * ck Always in the plot. “Huh?” I just cried. “I think this is really too bad. I can cry. How is this possible? It is never possible.”

Nikki didn’t know what she saw when Victor removed the bag from his head. © YouTube Mindf * ck

For the last piece, Victor and Nikki met in a room with all kinds of pictures of De Jager’s makeup creations on the wall. Meads, who had a paper bag over his head, handed her a letter asking her to choose three creations and combine them on her face with makeup in the studio. While she was doing this, Victor cut pieces of paper with a knife to create a kind of stencil.


Mom I want to go home

Nikki de Jagger

Nikki, convinced that she was completely free to make her own choices, gave herself a Wonder Woman brow, rainbow over her eyes and a skull mouth. When it was over, Victor told me he put his makeup on earlier in the day, too. He took the bag off his head and it turned out to be exactly the same research To be like Nikki.

Turns out Victor Meads has the exact same look as Nikki.

Turns out Victor Meads has the exact same look as Nikki. © NPO

She cried, “I’m leaving!” “I really get goosebumps in my bone. How is this possible? Mama, I want to go home.” Perhaps her choices weren’t as free as I thought. Victor handed her his stencil, which she placed on top of the letter she had read. Thus, only a few words remained from the letter, asking her to use Wonder Woman’s makeup, rainbow, and skull.

De Geiger dropped the letter in astonishment. “How scary! I really thought this was the strangest and most wonderful thing I’m happy to do. I had so many expectations, but this really goes above all else.”

Nikki paid tribute to Victor Meads after broadcasting in front of 15.2 million followers on Instagram. “This was the craziest experience ever,” she wrote. YouTube video viewers liked it too. “Victor surprised me again,” among other things, it seems. ‘This is not normal.’

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