“Viaplay offers Formula 1 broadcast rights”

"Viaplay offers Formula 1 broadcast rights"

Streaming service Viaplay announced yesterday that it will postpone showing its quarterly numbers until the end of November. The service has had the broadcast rights to Formula 1 in the Netherlands since last year, but they are in dire straits. Apparently they tried to sell the expensive sports rights.

It’s been clear for a while that things are going wrong at Viaplay. In the first months, the originally Scandinavian service received a lot of criticism about its broadcasts, including commentary and streaming quality that caused upset. Things are not going smoothly behind the scenes either, which became clear again yesterday when the presentation of the quarterly figures was postponed.

According to radio station BNR, there’s more going on at Viaplay. Since the company came to the Netherlands, the market value of the securities has fallen about twenty times. According to the radio station, Viaplay has put the Formula 1 broadcast rights up for sale and has also approached RTL and Ziggo, among others. But no action was taken because Viaplay wanted to sell the streaming rights at the highest price. It doesn’t seem like Viaplay can quickly get extra money this way, which could cause problems. However, the company has recently attracted three new shareholders from the Czech Republic and Norway.

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