VI viewers criticize Martin van Rossum’s “arrogant” in De Slimste Mens

VI viewers criticize Martin van Rossum's "arrogant" in De Slimste Mens

During the “Collective Memory” tour, in which participants have to guess five keywords after each part, a video clip of the interview between Johann Dirksen and Eos is played. Then actor and co-star Ferdi Stoofmel reveals that the show Today inside one of guilty pleasures he is. “It’s great, of course, that you say what you want to say and that you feel completely independent,” he says of Johann Dirksen. “It’s good to have a different opinion or a different point of view now and then. Martin does it his own way.” However, he claims to do so “in a considerably more civilized manner” than Johann. Martin immediately clarifies that he is not a fan of the program: “This is a first-class bastard program. In fact, it is a program for teenage men with a relatively low IQ.”

Today insideViewers on Twitter say they are unhappy with his comments. It’s clear that old Van Rossum hates Johann Dirksen, but then Today inside-To dismiss the viewers as idiots and the extreme right is populist and arrogant! Even another fan decided to walk away. If I get ridiculed as a viewer, I’m done with these good people. Just give me the honesty. It’s beyond hypocrisy.”

However, there are also people who agree with Martin: “Thank God, Martin says again what it’s about: civilization versus stupidity.” One viewer would have preferred not to mention “Mr. Dirksen” at all. ‘it is a pity the smartest person Broadcast time is wasted on Mr. Dirksen. Waste of everyone’s time and mood.

the smartest person It will be broadcast on NPO 2 on weekdays around 8.40pm.

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