Henk Bleeker’s emotional plea to farmers arsonists: “STOP THIS!” | interior

Henk Bleeker's emotional plea to farmers arsonists: "STOP THIS!"  |  interior

Burning hay, manure and other obstacles means not only significant delays on the highways of ordinary citizens, but also dangerous situations. “This must stop immediately,” the former CDU minister said of his speech in the Alps. Moreover, it does not help the public’s support for actions, which it considers justified, against the “unfair and dilapidated” nitrogen policy.

But Bleecker immediately adds: ‘I am also tired of playing hide-and-seek games in this treasury.’ Bleecker believes that the message sent by moderator Johan Remix to agricultural organizations on Tuesday only added to the frustration and anger. This means that Rutte’s treasury itself is partly to blame for the situation. untenable current.

Watch here how the farmers’ actions cause inconvenience. The article continues below the video.


“Stop the word games. Now Remix says again there will be no taboo, while Prime Minister Rutte previously said he doesn’t want to change policy. Just say what you mean: Is this government willing to reconsider the key points of the nitrogen policy that has been adopted, yes or No? The farmers are really done with this Hague scheming and plays. And me.”

The largest agricultural interest organization, LTO Nederland, immediately thanked VVD for its meeting with VVD star Remkes on Tuesday. The Rutte oilmen can’t indicate if the government is ready to change the 2030 deadline that has been brought in to achieve all sorts of nitrogen targets. It is also unclear whether Minister van der Waal finally wants to give space for innovative agricultural energy rather than focus on procurement and expropriation.

Bleecker: I say to this government: stop evading. Back from vacation because the place is on fire. If a remix calls me today, I can be in The Hague tonight. But I expect the same sense of urgency among ministers.” LTO Chairman Sjaak van der Tak also called on farmers this morning not to go beyond legal limits with their actions.

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