VDL Nedcar can make cars for BMW for four months longer | Currently

VDL Nedcar can make cars for BMW for four months longer |  Currently

VDL Nedcar can make cars for BMW in Born in Limburg for four months longer. The company signed a new agreement with BMW that was agreed upon. Limburg Province announced this on Friday in e-mail.

Therefore, the previously agreed end date for the production of MINI cars in particular was changed from November 1, 2023 to March 1, 2024. BMW announced in October 2020 that it was canceling the contract, as a result of which the contract for the Limburg-based VDL was canceled and the search for one or more new customers.

Negotiations on this are currently entering the critical stage, according to a letter from the county. As a result, VDL hopes to soon be able to work with one large client or several smaller clients.

Moreover, according to the province, the VDL is also working on a third scenario: the automaker is developing into an “innovation and mobility hub.” This includes “the production of various types of vehicles, along with other activities, such as innovations in electricity, connectivity, autonomous driving and services,” MP Stefan Satgen wrote in the letter.

VDL Nedcar notified factory employees on Friday of the new developments and confirmed that “the company has a promising future,” Satijn said. “What this will take cannot be determined with certainty. But it will fit one of the scenarios described earlier, or it will be a combination of these three possibilities.”

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