Actress and presenter NOS Leontien Ceulemans dies at the age of 70 | stars

Actress and presenter NOS Leontien Ceulemans dies at the age of 70 |  stars

Ceulemans was the first presenter of Jeugdjournaal in 1981. Before that she was known mainly as an actress. In the 70s, 80s and 90s she played in many major TV series, such as Swiebertje, Joop ter Heul, War Winter, GTST and ‘t Zonnetje in Huis. Ceulemans has also done a lot of voiceover work.

Ceulemans grew up in Amsterdam, where she was the daughter of an actress and guitarist. Through the work of her parents, she was introduced to the world of media at an early age. She had her first performance in AVRO . Children’s Choir And in the radio plays of KRO, in which her mother also took part. Then she rehearsed with the Scapino Ballet. This earned her dancer jobs on major TV shows, such as johnny rickshaw and pop show Fail ja ja. In the long run she was no longer satisfied with this, after which she decided to develop into an actress.

youth news

In the early 1980s, Ceulemans, together with Marga van Praag, formed the basis youth news. I got the job after I responded to a vacancy. Ceulemans remained the face of the show for about two years, but left the program due to constant criticism of her presentation skills.

The former TV star has not been available to the public in recent years due to her deteriorating health. She donated her body to science. So there will be no funeral.

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