VDL Groep ‘almost fully’ up and running again a month after cyber attack – Computer – News

VDL Groep’s production activities have resumed after a cyber attack at the beginning of October. The Eindhoven consortium reported that its 105 work sites are operating “almost fully” again. The company was able to restore the backups of its systems.

By using “clean data” from secured backups, the company wipes In their own words To create safe working environments, all 105 VDL sites were able to gradually resume production activities. According to the Eindhoven federation, “due to the appropriate measures taken by our staff, the damage has been limited to a maximum of one day of data loss.”

The group is currently conducting investigations into “the background and consequences of a cyber attack on VDL Groep systems”. According to the company, these operations are not yet fully completed. The costs of the cyber attack will be determined in the first quarter of 2022. Director Willem van der Ligte writes that the company has reported the cyber attack to the police and the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

The cyberattack was carried out on Wednesday 6 October. pointed out While monitoring VDL networks. The consortium’s IT systems were then disconnected and the networks of the 105 VDL sites were preemptively closed. The company said Monday that the “standby environments” for the VDL Groep have also been secured in time.

Few concrete details are known about the cyber attack. For example, the company does not report whether it is infected with ransomware or not. “In order not to increase future attempts at cyberattacks, no further information has been provided regarding the recent breach of the VDL Groep,” the company said. In its own words, VDL Groep will also not provide information on the Federation’s “current and future IT architecture”.

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