‘Pino government campaign to vaccinate American sesame street’

'Pino government campaign to vaccinate American sesame street'

Children’s program Sesame Street In the United States, Senator Ted Cruz was accused of “government propaganda … for 5-year-olds.” He says this after Big Bird (Pino) ​​on Twitter and TV channel CNN He was told he had been vaccinated against corona.

President Joe Biden responded enthusiastically to the big bird. “Good job, big bird. Vaccination is the best way to keep your environment safe, ”the 78-year-old Democrat said on his official Twitter account.

Pino, who was vaccinated, accused the government of campaigning

The US Pino’s response came in response to the CDC’s recommendation that children between the ages of 5 and 12 be given a modified dose of the Pfizer / Bioendect vaccine. The CDC said the number of corona infections among children was on the rise in October, now accounting for 10.6 percent of all new corona infections in the United States.

Although children have fewer severe complaints, they can pass the virus on to others. That’s why it advises about 28 million American children who qualify. Vaccinate. Pino wrote on Twitter that he had received his corona jab and that his wing was “slightly sore” but that the vaccine “gives his body extra protection to keep me and others healthy”.

‘Evil and Insane’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also responded to Pino’s tweet about being vaccinated, accusing the bird of being a government campaign. Right-wing opinion makers agree with Cruz. That’s what Lisa Boothe called the channel Fox News He further described Pino’s tweet as “disturbing” and “brainwashing children who are not at risk by the corona”. Steve Cortes of the Conservative Media Newsmax The message was also called “propaganda” and “evil.”

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However, critics point out to right-wing opinion makers that Sesame Street is known for providing health advice. For example, a video has been released since 1972 in which Pino encourages children to be vaccinated against diseases. There is more Sesame Street Popular characters have been used many times to encourage parents to protect their children from the corona virus.


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Pino, who was vaccinated on Sesame Street, was accused of campaigning for the government

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