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Van Zoll and Wilders

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Richard van Zoll could look for ministers and secretaries of state to form a new government. A majority of members of the House of Representatives approved Freedom Party leader Wilders’ proposal to appoint the former informant as coordinator.

Van Zwol was given five weeks to complete this task. This means that the new team should be on stage sometime in the last week of June.

It is still unclear who will become prime minister. This morning, Wilders will discuss with his three negotiating partners and Van Zoll who should succeed outgoing Prime Minister Rutte, following the resignation of Ronald Plasterk. The leader of the Freedom Party has an important, if not decisive, voice in this process.

Who will be the new Prime Minister will also be an important question for many aspiring ministers. They will want to think carefully about whether they are willing to join a non-parliamentary government, whose architects will remain in the House of Representatives.


Yesterday, the House of Representatives discussed all day the coalition agreement that PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB concluded last week. There has been much criticism of the plans from the intended opposition.

Many of these parties believe that a fair number of promises have been made that may not be kept, such as reducing the influx of asylum seekers. They believe the plans are not legally feasible. Meanwhile, cuts are being made to childcare, meaning people will have to sleep outside again, they fear.

VVD party leader Yesilgöz admitted that people may have to spend the night on the grass in front of the registration center in Ter Apel again next summer because there is not enough space. She wants to prevent this as much as possible, but at the same time she believes it is important that our country becomes as unattractive as possible for asylum seekers.


BBB leader Van der Plas has come under fire because the new coalition has abolished the so-called transition fund for farmers. “You are stealing 15 billion euros for the future of farmers,” CDA party leader Pontenbal accused her.

According to van der Plas, the primary purpose of this money was to buy out farmers. “But farmers don’t want to stop at all.” It wants to demand exceptional status in Brussels, so that nitrogen rules imposed on Dutch farmers are relaxed.

Many experts are not confident that this will work. Van der Plas also makes no guarantees. “You could get that with a vacuum. But I’m sure.”

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