Austrian restores wine cellar and finds prehistoric mammoth bones | RTL News

Oostenrijker renoveert wijnkelder en vindt prehistorische mammoetbotten

Researchers from the Austrian Archaeological Institute call it an “exciting discovery.” Archaeologists Thomas Inogerer and Hanna Barrow Suchon estimate the bones number about 30,000. Its age reaches 40,000 years“, writes the BBC.

The mammoth bones were found in Andreas Bernerstorfer’s wine cellar in the town of Gobelsburg, an hour’s drive from Vienna. According to the institute, the last time the same amount of mammoth bones was found was about 150 years ago, also in Austria. In all, this concerns the bones and remains of three different mammoths.

One researcher says the discovery raises more questions about how Stone Age people hunted mammoths. “We know they did it, but we know little about how they did it.”

According to researchers, the place where the bones were found was likely also the place where the mammoth died. The animals were probably hunted by people and trapped in this place.

And in the Netherlands as well

The current discovery is subject to further study by researchers at the institute. The bones will then be transported to the Natural History Museum in Vienna where they will be displayed.

Mammoth bones have also been found in the Netherlands, but in smaller quantities. Four years ago, bones of various species of extinct animals, including mammoths, were discovered at a depth of 18 meters near a lock in Terneuzen.

The last mammoth became extinct about 4,000 years ago. However, attempts are sometimes made to revive the animal. This is a hopeless task, according to specialists. You can see how this works in the video below:

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