Van Rossum: ‘I thought Putin was as smart as me’ | show

Van Rossum: 'I thought Putin was as smart as me' |  show

During the first episode of the smartest person Tonight, presenter Philip Frericks faced the one-man jury Martin van Rossum with a sore moment in February of this year. When asked about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Fricks said, “Say Martin, I was pretty much the last commentator on TV before the invasion of Ukraine started. I said, ‘Go to sleep, because Putin doesn’t do that in his life.'”

Note: This post contains spoilers about the end of Episode 1.

He was on the table on the talk show in 1 Which Martin van Rossum said on the evening of Wednesday 23 February: “There is no question of an invasion. It is an affirmation of a position that has been around for a long time and will not fundamentally change.” Freecs: ..the whole world has fallen on you, because yes, you are always right. But it turns out you were wrong. What went wrong, Martin? ”

Van Rossum: I thought Putin was as smart as me. He was known to be a good political tactician, as well as an important strategist.”
Fricks: But the Americans have been screaming for weeks: He’ll do it.”
Van Rossum: I thought: They’re doing it on purpose to stop him, as it were. for not letting him do that. In addition, I did not believe what the US intelligence services were saying. Since they supplied the Iraq war with lies you have rarely seen in your life. Putin did not call me. Then I could change his mind.”

“#Metoo on an amazing scale”

In the first anniversary season broadcast – it’s the 20th series in ten years – Van Rossum also laughed at his hand. Van Rossum said after a question at the show, in which eight prominent players from the Smurfs turns up. One smurfette? That should lead to dramatic scenes. Murder and manslaughter. #Metoo on an amazing scale. I never understood that. Then we chant Father Abraham as well. This really makes you disgusting. This is bad.”


I don’t understand that there is only one smurfette

Martin Van Rossum

Candidates Vimke van der Laan, Tim Senders and Thomas van Groningen were able to name each and, at the request of presenter Philip Frericks, Smurfs song For a moment, what Van Rossen “didn’t think of.” “Because then the fungus grows on top of my brain.”

After the question “What do you know about the Maestro?” Van Rossum also denounced that television program in which famous Dutchmen try to (learn) behavior. “It’s a stupid show. I’ve been asked twice. It’s totally crazy to ask someone who can’t read music to do it. So really you always act after the music.”

Femke van der Laan becomes the winner of the day and Thomas van Groningen beat Tim Senders, for his smartest personThe adventure ends after one episode.

The nominees for Tonight’s Smartest Person: Thomas van Groningen, Vimke van der Laan and Tim Saenders © KRO-NCRV

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