Valve starts selling Steam Deck on February 25 – Games – News

Valve will launch a portable Steam Deck on February 25th. The company announced this in a blog post. On that date, the first users with a reservation will be able to order Steam Deck from the company. The first models will be shipped from February 28.

Valve writes in the blog post Users who made a reservation on February 25 at around 7 PM NST can expect an invitation to purchase Steam Deck. Then customers have 72 hours to order their reserved copy. After those three days, their copy will go to the next person in the queue. The first Steam decks will ship on February 28, and Valve says it wants to send out invites every week.

Invitations will be sent in the order in which reservations were made. Users are only given the option to request the form they have already booked. Therefore it is not possible to change the on-demand storage configuration with the reservation. Users who have not made a reservation will not be able to order Steam Deck on February 25, but it is possible to make a new one. Users who do so are expected to be able to purchase Steam Deck “after the second quarter”. This applies to all three models.

Valve initially planned to sell Steam Deck from December 2021, but the company Later this was postponed to February. The reason for this was the global shortage of chips. Features portable console semi customized apu from AMD with four Zen 2 cores and an RDNA 2 GPU with eight units of account. The company began accepting Steam Deck reservations on July 16, 2021. The expected delivery time has increased rapidly.

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