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Valve has released the updated Steam Big Picture mode as an open beta. It has an interface that is also designed for Steam Deck. The current design of the big picture mode is already ten years old.

Valve says That there are still some “jagged edges” to the interface, but it’s gotten to the point where you want to fire up the interface for users and ask for feedback. The new interface, still called Big Picture, completely replaces the previous one.

In addition to aesthetic changes, there are new main screen, which shows recently played games and new updates for games from the library. The search function also provides the ability to search not only in the library, but at the same time in the store and friends list. Also, the interface for customizing console layouts has been modified and the style change will also appear in a file In the game overlay from Steam.

While Valve says it plans to market the interface and welcomes feedback, the interface hasn’t been widely introduced yet. Players not only have to sign up for the beta in Steam’s options menu, but they also have to add the “-gamepadui” parameter to a Steam shortcut. Only then will the interface itself appear, without the option to return to the desktop interface, which is available in the old big picture mode.

These interface modes are examples of 10-foot user interface. They are optimized for small screens, such as the Steam Deck, but also for large screens where the user is far away, such as televisions. Another advantage of these interfaces is the improved use with remote controls or consoles.

Valve is working on bringing the latest version of SteamOS to PCs, as this operating system is currently only available for Steam Deck handheld devices. This interface provides a preview of what that would look like. There is no SteamOS release date for PC yet, but the first signs are that the Picture is coming, appeared recently. Tweakers posted recently Interview with Valve About Steam Deck and SteamOS.

Steam Big Picture mode with SteamOS design

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