Roger Smit’s father isn’t his biological father, but: ex Frank wonders about it

Roger Smit's father isn't his biological father, but: ex Frank wonders about it

After lawsuits related to his fight-back divorce from Frank Jansen (76) were finalized, calm reigned around Roger Smit (48). He even posted a message on Instagram last week that he found out that his father is not his biological father. He wrote, “For the past 48 years, I’ve always been upset because I felt misunderstood and maybe I was tough for that.” For myself and friends. This is because in recent years I have had a feeling that something has not been right. Roger says he now knows why. The “father” I grew up with is not my biological father. “

ask for attention

For ex-husband Frank Jansen, the fact that his ex-father is not Roger’s biological father is a whole new fact. “I don’t know anything about this,” Frank tells Storey. ‘Of course I know the good man.’ Silent Willie has always called him. He didn’t say much. I remember Roger taking me to his first Christmas party at his family’s house. We had Christmas dinner and he said, ‘I’m putting you next to my father, because he doesn’t talk much. Later in the evening, Roger noticed that we hadn’t said much. That was true, because this guy didn’t really say anything. Everything that came out of his mouth was yes or no. Then it stops. And now this man will not be his biological father. This was never discussed during our relationship. Maybe it’s something Roger creates to get attention. I don’t know…’

identity issues

Frank can’t remember Roger sharing his feelings with his parents. ‘number. And hey, he had more identity issues. It always makes it worse than it is, if I may say so. He comes from a very harmonious family, grew up with two beautiful sisters and was totally spoiled. He used to be a pretty little boy with blond curls who really demanded a lot of attention in the crib. He is still working on it. I have a friend who I once told him that he looks a lot like his father, and he said to him: But I was adopted. So it will look the same. But I don’t know exactly what happened to the Roger family and he’s getting this out now. I no longer have any contact with Roger, nor with his family. I am happy with that.’

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