March 23, 2023

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Valve confirms Steam Deck will not have exclusive offers – Gaming – News

Most games will be designed for the “normal” PC and will not be optimized for this laptop

The games were never optimized for all PCs anyway. In the end, this is just a laptop with a mobile Zen2 CPU and an RDNA2 GPU, hardware you’ll also find in desktop computers.

You will often have to compete with regular computers with this portable device.

Do you mean in a multiplayer game? This is only a problem if you are playing competitive multiplayer skill games.

There are no exclusive games.

If I’m in the market for a portable gaming device, this will be the deciding factor for me. Then I can also play deck-bought games on my laptop at home.

Nice device for the set, but impractical.

More practical than a train with a laptop on your lap…

A laptop with Ryzen or Intel and the RTX 3060 can be regularly bought for less than a thousand euros with some research and patience.

This is still more expensive than the most expensive deck, and the (small) form factor comes at a significant cost. A thin, lightweight laptop often costs a lot more than a thicker, more powerful device.

So you are limited to this mobile device.

So I’ll come to the opposite conclusion: with any other mobile device, you’re limited. The Deck has a wide range of games that I can use on other devices after purchase, in addition to being the mobile device with the most powerful GPU at the moment.

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