UWV has given 1,200 people a very high interest, but they don’t have to pay it

UWV has given 1,200 people a very high interest, but they don't have to pay it

Last year, about 1,200 people received excessive benefit from UWV. The agency will not demand the amounts, among other things to prevent people from getting into financial trouble.

The error appeared in the UWV in a sample for 2019 and 2020. This showed that some people also received ZW or WAZO benefits in addition to their unemployment benefits. The amount of sickness or maternity benefit must already be deducted from unemployment benefit.

A preliminary study showed that this did not happen in 2020 in about 1,200 people. Some of them have reported the error to the UWV. But according to the agency, “this has not always been adequately responded to, and therefore these people cannot be blamed.”

2.2 million euros

according to de Volkskrant UWV paid €2.2 million too much. In some cases, the price was several hundred euros per person, and the newspaper mentions 14,000 euros as an anomaly.

In total, about 285,000 people together received €4.2 billion in unemployment benefits. The UWV confirms the amounts and says a lot was paid in 2019. It was not clear how much money was involved at the time.

allowance affairs

Since the fault lies with the UWV and the financial impact of the refund can be significant, the people involved are allowed to keep the money. According to the newspaper, one factor in this is that the UWV has become more cautious with refunds since the allowance issue, which took place at the IRS. At that time, thousands of families were in serious financial problems because they had to pay off benefits.

The problems with the UWV also surfaced earlier this year. In May, for example, it became clear that in recent years, more than 2,000 people have faced financial and social problems after wrong evaluation From not being able to work.

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