Father Britney Spears demands an end to receivership | stars

Father Britney Spears demands an end to receivership |  stars

The American singer who had acquired several hit songs was placed under tutelage thirteen years ago after a mental breakdown. Her father has been a trustee ever since, but announced last month that he would resign from the position following testimony from his daughter. The fact that he is now demanding the total lifting of receivership is unexpected.

The judge granted Britney’s request in July to choose her attorney. She was previously legally assisted by a lawyer appointed by her supervisors. Jamie states in his application on Tuesday that if his daughter is deemed able to do so, guardianship restrictions should not apply. He also notes that a lot has changed in the past thirteen years and that the grounds for receivership at that time “may no longer be valid”.

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Father Spears agreed last month to withdraw in favor of his daughter. He concluded that “a public conflict with his daughter would not be the best thing for her.”

Spears’ mother has stood by her daughter before. In her statement, Lynne Spears sided with Britney’s request to dismiss her father as guardian. She said her ex-husband was “unable to put his daughter’s interests ahead of his own.” She indicated her willingness to testify against Jimmy in the lawsuit that may end.

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