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The USB Implementers forum has posted the full specification for USB4 version 2.0. The forum previously said that USB4 v2 supports 80Gbit/s symmetric bandwidth and now says 120Gbit/s asymmetric is also possible.

This 120 Gbit/s is for certain applications, such as very high performance USB4 monitors, USB-IF . writes. Then 120 Gbit/s goes to the screen and data can be sent with a bandwidth of up to 40 Gbit/s in the opposite direction.

USB4 version 2.0 continues to work with new material layer-Architecture based on BAM 3 modification. Forum said earlier This means that symmetrical speeds of up to 80Gbit/s can be achieved, both on existing passive USB4-Type-C cables and with the new 80Gbit/s active Type-C cables. With an active cable, there are electronics in the cable that amplify the signal, making longer cables possible.

The new specification also includes updates to 20 Gbit/s SuperSpeed ​​USB cables, making them faster than 20 Gbit/s. How much faster is not yet clear. USB4 version 2 is “compatible” with DisplayPort 2.1 and PCIe 4 according to USB-IF.

By sharing specifications, developers and manufacturers can start building USB4 version 2.0 products. It is not intended that certified manufacturers will soon use USB4 version 2 in their communication with consumers, But talk about USB at 80 Gbps. It is not clear if manufacturers will do this in practice. Forum talks to CNET It is expected that it will take another 12-18 months for the first USB4 v2 products to appear.

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