Monique de Boveri tells why she matches up with her new friend

Monique de Boveri tells why she matches up with her new friend

The thing Monique really loves is that she and Otto are focused on their work. You consider him a good businessman. “It’s more practical and I’m more creative,” she explains. In this they learn from each other.

Both Monique and Otto love to travel. “One of the first weeks I told him that we have dinner date I went to do in Paris. I would take care of the restaurant and hotel if they arrange transportation. We ended up taking the train and it was so much fun. Just a night in Paris.”

So Otto is also a very “charming and caring” person, he loves it when there are beautiful flowers in the house and he brings home delicious snacks. “He arranged breakfast for me for the first few weeks. I once told him what I liked and he bought everything I ever said. Otto is very attentive.” And although Otto is very kind, he is by no means a coward. “He doesn’t allow himself to walk, he points out what he wants. I like that, because I’m also very direct.”

Monique’s children are now also fans of Otto, although her son first wanted to check what kind of meat he had in the bathtub. Monique herself is also good with Otto’s children. All in all: “We’re having a good time.”

However, there are no plans to get married at the moment. The two want to be together “but we’re busy Careers And they both haveImoments. That’s only good, because if we don’t see each other for a few days, it will be more fun.”

Earlier, RTL Boulevard spoke with Monique about the loss of her partner, Jan.

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