US will no longer be the largest producer of content for Netflix

US will no longer be the largest producer of content for Netflix

You might think that America is primarily focused on hoping for Netflix success. But the country’s cultural dominance seems to be fading.

The biggest hits Netflix is ​​making are from South Korea. From the company it was definitely expected somewhere Squid game In the first 28 days of its release, the series was watched by nearly 200 million families and stormed the world. Not only that: the series also became a kind of cultural ambassador.

Mainly South Korean content
Bloomberg looked at the extent of the ‘Squid Game Effect’ within the viewing patterns on Netflix. After the introduction Squid game In the fall of 2021, many non-English series entered the top ten of Netflix. Think about it my name, The king’s affection And in success In the grip of hell.

Overall, South Korea has more popular content on Netflix than any other country except the United States. Netflix has really decided to do something.

The streaming service will now focus mainly on the Asian region as the biggest target for the growth of new subscribers. Currently, Netflix has 213 million and needs to double the number: the company is targeting 500 million subscribers.

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