US wants to supply Taiwan with weapons, China furiously retaliates | Now

US wants to supply Taiwan with weapons, China furiously retaliates |  Now

The US announced on Friday that it would sell $1.1 billion worth of arms to Taiwan “so it can continue to defend itself”. According to the US Department of Defense, these include 60 anti-ship missiles and 100 anti-aircraft missiles. Although the deal is yet to be finalised, Beijing has already reacted furiously to the announcement and threatened “countermeasures”.

If the sale takes place, the news agency reports Bloomberg This is the first time in nearly two years that so many weapons have gone from the US to Taiwan. Part of the package is a $665 million radar system. The system should help Taiwan detect incoming missiles in a timely manner.

According to the US State Department, arms exports do not provide Taiwan with new military opportunities. However, the White House reports that “Taiwan’s defense capabilities are extremely high,” noting “increasing pressure from China.”

Since US politician Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last month, China has carried out various military operations around the island state.

China has already responded to the US message, saying it will take “countermeasures” if the US does not cancel the sale. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in the US said the arms package “endangers relations between Washington and Beijing”. Earlier, China said it strongly opposes US arms sales to the Chinese territory of Taiwan.

The US Congress has yet to approve the arms sale. This is not expected to cause any problems as both Republicans and Democrats will vote in favor of the proposal.

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