British fraudster arrested in Belgium for beating clients

British fraudster arrested in Belgium for beating clients


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A Briton has been arrested in Belgium for beating up two police officers in France, Flemish media reported. It’s about 51-year-old Robert Hindi Frigard, a notorious con man whose story has been covered more than once in films and documentaries.

The Briton was missing for eight days after striking the officers. Police were at his home in Villalat, central France, last week, where the man and his partner were running a dog farm. The police said it was illegal. When he asked the British officers for his papers, he hurried and led the two police officers, writing the morning. The officers fell on the hood, and one of them had fractures to the face.

Hendy-Freegard was arrested yesterday in Groot-Bijgaarden, on the western side of Brussels. The Briton appears before the investigating judge and the Chamber decides whether to extradite him to France.

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Robert Indian Frigard left a trail of destruction as a con man. For years, he pretended to be a spy for Britain’s intelligence service MI5 and cheated the women with more than £1 million.

The Briton was sentenced to life in prison in 2005 for fraud and kidnapping. Four years later, he was released because a higher court found that he was not holding the women against their will, and thus there was no subject of kidnapping. In 2015 he moved to France.

A movie about tricks was released this summer villain client With James Norton and Gemma Arterton, and earlier this year the documentary came to Netflix Doll Master: Hunt the Ultimate Deceiver From.

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