January 27, 2023

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US wants to change travel restrictions with long-term mandatory vaccinations'

US wants to change travel restrictions with long-term mandatory vaccinations’

As recently known, entry restrictions are in effect for now. The Biden administration considers it even more dangerous to abolish it. The number of infections due to delta variability is increasing again, in addition, the United States is now ahead of the EU in terms of vaccine coverage because many Americans have not yet been vaccinated. In some states, less than half have been stabbed.

It is not yet clear when entry barriers will be changed by vaccine duty. Then the corona situation in the United States should have improved first, but it is not known to what extent.

Criticism is on the rise
Pressure is mounting on the US government to lift the travel ban. Not only from the aviation and tourism industry, which is losing business as a result, but also from loyal allies in the United States. Allowing Americans to go on vacation or on business trips to Europe provokes anger, but Europeans are not welcomed in the United States.

Former US President Donald Trump wanted to lift the travel ban on Europeans in January, but changed it soon after Joe Biden came to power. Trump does not want to end the entry ban on travelers from China, Brazil, South Africa and Iran.


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