US to use strategic bombers in drills with South Korea | Now

US to use strategic bombers in drills with South Korea |  Now

The US Air Force will deploy B-1 bombers on Saturday in military exercises with South Korea. As a result, tensions continue to prevail on the Korean Peninsula.

The news agency reported Yonhap The strategic bomber was sent in response to North Korea’s series of weapons tests over the past week. The B-1 bomber was involved in US-South Korean exercises in 2017.

North Korea has been angered by South Korea’s joint military exercises with the US. Those flight exercises have been going on since Monday. In protest, Pyongyang decided to continue its missile tests. Seoul and Washington again called the tests “continuing provocations” and extended the planned drills until Saturday.

South Korea has urged the United States to increase its “strategic assets” around the Korean Peninsula, including aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and other long-range bombers.

The United States on Friday accused Russia and China of shielding North Korea from further intervention by the UN Security Council. The missile tests have led to sanctions by the international community, while China and Russia are calling for the easing of sanctions, which are pressuring Pyongyang to enter negotiations.

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