‘US must be independent from Taiwan’s chip industry’

Europese Commissie neemt voortouw in chipconcurrentie met Aziƫ en VS

According to the US Department of Commerce, the US should remain independent of the Taiwanese chip industry. Minister Gina Raimondo believes it is important that the Act to Create Helpful Incentives for Manufacturing Semiconductors (CIPS) be implemented as quickly as possible.

According to the ministry, the US is still dependent on the Taiwanese chip industry. Restricting access to this industry for geopolitical or other strategic reasons can have major consequences. As a result, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo notes that the country will immediately fall into a deep recession. Recent interview.


90 percent of all processors in the world are manufactured in Taiwan. by chip companies such as TSMC, among others. These apps are often made on behalf of other companies. Well-known US customers for the Taiwanese chip industry are Apple, Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm.

Chips Act

According to the US Minister, it is very important that the US Parliament quickly adopts and implements the proposed Helpful Incentives for Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act. The proposed legislation provides an approximately $US51 billion ($52 billion) support program to boost and expand the chip industry in the United States.

The Act provides various incentives and financial assistance for setting up new chip factories. However, it will take years for various manufacturers to realize the benefits. That’s why, according to Raimondo, urgency is needed.

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