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The US wants the world’s most advanced chips to be made on American soil by 2030. The country says it will have two large-scale advanced chip manufacturing facilities on U.S. soil by that year.

The ideals of American government were lost over time A speech to Georgetown University. There, US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo discussed the Chips and Science Act, which should strengthen the US chip industry.

Raimondo expects the U.S. to have two large-scale advanced chip companies by 2030. These clusters will include research institutes and suppliers that can ensure a strong supply chain and innovation. The minister also says that by 2030 there will be ‘multiple’ packaging facilities in the US. In these facilities, the chips are processed into an end product.

No official information about the future location of these clusters has been released yet. It is also not known which companies will have facilities there. Authors of Tom’s Hardware refers to Intel plans to operate eight chip factories, including in the US state of Ohio. By early 2022, the company has started construction of two such factories.

In the summer of 2022, US President Joe Biden signed the so-called Chips and Science Act. With this legislation, the U.S. government wants to reduce U.S. dependence on international chip manufacturers and products. The legislation should strengthen the U.S. chip industry, create tens of thousands of new jobs and reduce dependence on Chinese chipmakers. Among other things, this should be achieved by releasing USD 52.7 billion in subsidies to the chip sector, which is EUR 51.7 billion. The law, which has already been passed, releases up to 23.5 billion euros in tax incentives for the construction of new chip factories. “The Future of the Chip Industry Will Be Made in America”, President Biden said After the drawing moment.

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At the end of last year, EU member states reached an agreement on the European CHIPS Act. With this legislation, the EU will invest up to 45 billion euros in its chip sector to reduce dependence on other regions. And the law has been changed to subsidize more types of chips. The EU and the US will work more closely together to strengthen chip and semiconductor supply chains. The two regions will do this, among other things, by exchanging information about their state aid programs for the chip sector to prevent subsidy races. Tweakers previously wrote background stories on Europe’s chip ambitions and the associated European Chips Act.

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