March 30, 2023

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US ministers visit Kiev for the first time: an hour-long meeting with Zelensky |  Abroad

US ministers visit Kiev for the first time: an hour-long meeting with Zelensky | Abroad

The New York Times reports that the meeting between Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken and President Volodymyr Zhelensky lasted about three hours. None of the journalists attended and only pictures of the meeting were distributed. Blingen spoke of the ‘terrible things’ happening in Ukraine as a result of the war, which has now lasted more than two months. “Kiev is still standing,” said President Joe Biden from his home country after the “unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine.” “President Zhelensky and his democratically elected government will be in power.”

Pictures of the U.S. Department of Defense after the summit with President Zhelensky in Kiev.

Pictures of the U.S. Department of Defense after the summit with President Zhelensky in Kiev.

During his visit, Blingen announced that US diplomats would return to Ukraine “this week.” First in Lviv in the west, there are also Dutch staff, then back in Kiev. The United States is also pulling back the wallet: according to Washington, $ 713 million (1 661 million) in new military funds will go to 15 countries in Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe.

Great losses in Moscow

About 21,800 men, 873 tanks, 179 aircraft, 408 artillery pieces, 69 SAM anti-aircraft installations, 147 multi-missile missiles, 191 drones, 2238 armored vehicles, not to mention the pride of the Russian Navy, the warship Moskva. Lost to Moscow. The figures are from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and can not be verified, but previous figures seemed to give a reliable picture of the losses on the Russian side.

The Ukrainian film is backed by the British, who say the Russians’ progress has been slow and that the Russian military has suffered from a “lack of fighting spirit, too little time for reorganization, restructuring and reconstruction”. The fighting power of the Ukrainian army was severely limited by the Russians.

According to British intelligence, the Ukrainian resistance is strong and the Russians are attacking again in the Donbass where they had previously advanced. Kiev says it has thwarted 12 attacks in Donetsk and Lukansk this weekend.

According to Moscow, two places in Russia have come under artillery fire from Ukraine. That message cannot be verified by independent sources.

But Western experts know that Moscow wants to escalate the war. In that sense, the attacks on Russia would be a good excuse to elevate the current ‘special military operation’, for which the Russian people must first mature mentally.

That high level – which is officially called war – allows Moscow to send troops ahead. This is not allowed under the Russian Constitution.

Such a situation would certainly have been discussed at a summit between Ukrainian President Zhelensky and US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen in Kiev on Sunday. According to Zhelensky, the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine and, above all, the speed at which this is to happen is high on the agenda.

Target radar and drones

Kiev needs those weapons to defend itself against the heavy artillery bombardment currently being carried out by the Russians at Donbass. With smart American grenades attached to target radars and drones, Kiev can then pull out Russian artillery. Old Russian equipment is also being shipped to the border faster. London, for example, stops British tanks in Poland and allows Warsaw to send T-72 tanks to Ukraine. The same goes for warplanes. By providing spare equipment, Kiev was already able to launch about 20 additional warplanes into the air.

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