US infrastructure mega-investment deal: Biden ‘big win’

US infrastructure mega-investment deal: Biden 'big win'

Reporter Lucas Walkmeister: Historic, but takes care of Pitton

“With this, Biden has achieved the most important victory in his presidency to date. Finally out of his hands is a great law and something that previous presidents have failed to do: restructuring the infrastructure of the United States. Both parties have not allowed each other to deal with this problem for years.

This is a turning point felt across the United States. At the same time, Biden’s concerns remain unresolved. He wanted to lead his two major collections through Congress, including his celebrity Better rebuildPlan, but Congressmen do not want to get involved. It is associated with deep disagreements within the Democrats.

Built-back Better (BBB) ​​refers to a social security package: from childcare to geriatric care, with the largest amount ever spent on tackling climate change. This is Biden’s big wish, but the Democrats do not accept it. The progressive branch wants to do more on these themes, while the moderates want to significantly remove the law and make it cheaper.

Despite its success, the split within Biden’s party over the PPP package could turn out to be really ugly for the president. “

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