The Zeeland stork is still dying after a wonderful crossing of the desert

The Zeeland stork is still dying after a wonderful crossing of the desert

The young stork who made a fuss a month ago died by flying 6000 km to reach hibernation. It is not known why the bird died.

It is related to the Murshid stork, which was born this spring in the Zwen Nature Park, on the border of Flanden Zeus and Belgium.

The chicks were immediately shaved and equipped with a transmitter, according to reports Radio Zealand. Scientists didn’t know what they saw when they found out transmitter He saw that the young stork had crossed the desert and thus flew more than 6000 km to reach Mali.

at the dumps

“The desert is a dangerous area for migratory birds, especially for small and inexperienced birds like a guide, so it is very special that he succeeded,” thus Ina de Wach, director of the Zwen Nature Park.

The long flight of the bird is even more surprising because in recent years the stork often stays in the “home” and hibernates here. If they go on a trip, they won’t go far. De Wach: “Most storks from northwestern Europe nowadays spend the winter in landfills in southern Spain and northern Morocco. There is enough food for the birds there.”

sad news

But a month after the stork crossed the Zeeland, there is bad news. The Nature Park said under the “sad news” in Instagram.

Over the past three years, a total of 12 cubs of storks in the park have received a transmitter. Of those, five are still alive. The most common causes of death are electrocution, lack of food or extreme weather conditions, but in Murshid’s case this is not clear (so far).

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