May 29, 2023

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Amerikaanse staat wil cryptovaluta op de balans zetten

US government wants to keep cryptocurrencies on its balance sheet »Crypto Insiders

The world of cryptocurrencies is getting bigger day by day. Many more large companies are very cautious about entering this market. The crypto market is very volatile and certainly noisy, and companies with large wallets have a lot to lose. State of Tennessee, USA Plans to bang.

CUstodyan for cryptocurrencies

Writes that Nashville Post† Nashville is the largest city Tennessee. The U.S. government is looking for a security guard who wants to keep cryptocurrencies in the name of the state treasury. Details can now be found in the deleted 64 page document, but with the help of the web archive Find out again

As far as we can find out, only Bitcoin (BTC) Explicitly stated, but it clearly states that it can hold other cryptocurrencies as well. There does not seem to be a clear picture of what other cryptocurrencies look like.

The amount of trade that the Guardian can carry should be at least US $ 500,000 per month and it should be possible to withdraw up to 50 deposits and trades each month. At the same time, all virtual currencies must be kept in the exchange account. It is unclear what percentage of Tennessee’s total portfolio will go to cryptocurrencies. The Nashville Post writes that the state fund manages a total of US $ 1 billion.

No longer an exception

Currently, the government does not hold cryptocurrencies, but that will change soon. It is not clear when this will be, so it may take some time. We do not know which companies are interested in this work.

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Tennessee is not the only place in the United States to do this. And so on Argues with the Mayor of Miami in Florida Typical for Bitcoin And other cryptocurrencies. You can now enjoy yourself in Colorado Pay taxes And banks in the state of Virginia recently Legally allowed To provide services around digital assets.